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Ript Revenge Evolution Rules

Ript Evolution is a new way to enhance Ript Revenge. With Evolution, instead of a group all using one deck of Ript Revenge, players can use their own custom deck by combining original Ript Revenge cards and the new Evolution cards. This allows you to build a deck that suits your taste and playing style.

Each Ript Evolution pack contains 10 randomized cards from a set of 50 total cards. The more packs you get, the more creative you can be.

To get started, create a custom game deck with all your favorite cards. 

Take your deck of Ript Revenge and remove any cards that you would like to replace with Ript Evolution cards following these guidelines:

-A Ript Evolution deck must have between 50-60 cards
-You can have up to 4 copies of any card title in your deck. The only exception to this is End of Round cards (yellow). You can only have 1 copy of each card title of these.

Deck Vs. Deck Play

General Rules

The General Rules for Ript Evolution are the same as Ript Revenge except players are all using their own decks instead of sharing one.

  1. Draw 3 cards from your Ript Deck at the beginning of the round. These cards make up your hand.

  2. Look at the Play Text at the bottom of the card to see when each card can be played.

  3. Each player can only play one card per hole, and each player can only have one card played on him/her per hole.

  4. When a card is played the Card Action is carried out. The played card then goes to the bottom of that player’s Ript Deck.

  5. No one can hold more than 7 cards at any time. If a player has more than 7 cards that player must choose to play or discard down to 7 cards. Discarded cards go to the bottom of that player’s game deck.

  6. All other Disc Golf rules apply.


Getting Cards and Scoring

Skins Play
In this version the players are competing for skins and cards on each hole.  The player who has the lowest score (untied) on a hole wins a skin, and everyone else playing draws a card from their game deck. If there is a tie and no one wins the hole outright, then no skins or cards are won for that hole. If this happens then the skin/card value is carried over and added to the following hole.

Stroke Play
In this version the players are competing for the lowest score as in a normal round. At the end of each hole draw new cards as follows based on your score for that hole:

Par=Draw 1 card from your Ript deck
Bogey=Draw 2 cards from your Ript deck.
Double Bogey=Draw 3 cards from your Ript deck.

Single Ript Deck Play

If all players don’t have their own Ript decks it is not a problem. One Ript Evolution deck can be used by the whole group if needed. You can build your Ript Evolution deck with your group’s favorite cards to create a perfect round. Just follow the same rules as above and all players will draw/discard from the same deck.

New Evolution Accessory Card Rules​

Note that there is one card type that is completely new to Ript Evolution and that is the Accessory card (grey background with cogs). As indicated by the name, these cards are meant to be played along with other cards, never on their own. Just follow the instructions on the card and discard after playing.

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