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Building your Deck

Ript Evolution allows you to build a custom Ript Revenge Deck for you or your group by giving you many new cards to choose from. Each pack of Ript Evolution includes 10 random new cards to collect or use in your deck if you choose. Using these new cards along with your current Ript Revenge deck, you can create a new Ript deck that is unique to your style of play. Follow the steps below to get started!

Step 1: Unlike Ript Revenge, Ript Evolution allows each player to have a custom deck for drawing cards. Or you can build one deck for all players in the group to use. Decide if your new Ript deck will be used in deck vs. deck play or by a group all drawing from the same Ript Deck.

Step 2: Remove any cards from the original Ript Revenge Deck that are not your favorite or do not fit the style of game you want to play.

Step 3: Choose new Ript Evolution cards (or add additional Ript Revenge cards from another game deck) to replenish your deck using the following rules.

Rules for Ript Evolution Decks

1. The deck must have between 50-60 cards

2. You can have up to 4 copies of any card title in your deck. Card titles can come from Ript Evolution packs or other Ript Revenge Decks. The only exception to this is End of Round cards (yellow). You can only have 1 copy of each card title of these.

3. All cards must have the Ript Revenge card back and be official Ript Revenge/Evolution cards.

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