Mischief Spinners are enjoyed on hundreds of Mini Golf courses all over the world!


A round with Mischief Spinners is like nothing else Mini Golfers have tried before. With the simple spin of the wheel before their first shot, players will find themselves attempting shots with their eyes closed, putting with the wrong end of their club, or even standing on the course as an extra obstacle while a friend attempts a shot.


Each player simply spins the wheel before his/her first shot then follows the instructions the Mischief Spinner lands on. If players are unable to attempt the Mischief for any reason, they play the hole as normal with no penalty. So everyone regardless of their skill level or age can enjoy Mischief Spinners. The rules are listed in the center of each Spinner. Expanded rules signs are also available to put at the first spinner on the course.


The best part is, it doesn’t matter if the players are playing a complex hole with dinosaurs and huge hills, or a more simple ADA regulated hole, the experience will be memorable and fun for all the players.


- 10 Styles to fit your course theme

If you are looking for something that will blend in with your courses’ current theme, KnA Games also offers Theme Spinners. With an ever growing list of Spinner Themes available (Jungle, Jurassic, Pirate, etc.) you are sure to find the perfect fit for your course.


- Custom Spinners available with your logo and colors

If you don't find just what you are looking for, we can make a Spinner custom to your course. We will design a Spinner with your course colors and logo at a very affordable price. ($10 per Spinner!) Contact us for details.


- Brings customers back again and again

88% of players surveyed said they were more likely to return to play a particular course just because Mischief Spinners were there.


- Tested and proven in the Mini Golf capital of the world

“Within a very small amount of time, I have seen a huge, positive reaction from our guests. Upon many observations of the Mischief Spinners gameplay, I have seen ear to ear smiles and laughs from the guests and they are having a blast playing a game that puts such a unique twist on an old family pastime. The fact of the matter is, this is fun, it’s exciting, and it’s an outstanding addition to our course.” Stephen Lancaster - General Manager Molten Mountain Indoor Golf Myrtle Beach, SC

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