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Ript Showdown Rules


1. Ript Showdown cards have 2 different sides that allow players to make a choice about how they want to play the game. Before the round begins, each player must choose a side!

The Good Side:  This is mostly defensive and allows players to protect their shots and cards.

The Bad Side:  This is more aggressive and attempts to mess with your opponent’s game.

The Lucky:  If you get one of these cards then luck is with you. You may hold on to this card until the end of the round and use its powerful ability then.

2. Once sides are chosen, deal out 3 cards to each player. These cards make up each player’s hand. Players should orient cards in their hand so that the chosen side is facing up. Look at the top left of each card to see when it can be played.

3. Each player can only play one card per hole, and each player can only have one card played on him/her per hole. When a card is played the card action is carried out. The played card then goes to the bottom of the game deck. At the end of each hole, players gain new cards from the deck based on the score that hole as follows:

-Birdie or better: No cards

-Par: 1 Card

-Bogey: 2 Cards

-Double Bogey or higher: 3 Cards

    (note: feel free to adjust based on your group’s skill level)

The hand limit is 7 cards. If a player has more than 7 cards at the end of a hole, that player must discard down to 7 cards. Discarded cards go to the bottom of the game deck.

All other Disc Golf rules apply. At the end of the round the player with the lowest score after all Lucky Cards have been played is the winner!

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