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Ript Evolution Card Types

8 C.jpg
13 C.jpg
24 R.jpg

Amped Up

As suggested by the name, these are cards from previous releases of Ript that have been altered in some way to make an all new card. They will always have the background texture you see on these examples.


25 C.jpg

These are cards from the original version of Ript that has been out of print for many years. We have had many requests to bring it back so this and future expansion packs will allow us to reprint some of the more popular cards.

Foundation Challenge

33 C.jpg

These were developed using content from YouTube videos produced by Foundation Disc Golf. Each of these will challenge ALL players in the group to participate.


35 U.jpg

These introduce a new concept to Ript in that these cards can only be played along with another card. The text on the accessory card explains how it is to be used to enhance or change the other card.

First Run

44 U.jpg

This collection contains all of our other ideas for new Ript cards.

Copyright KnA Games/Foundation Disc Golf

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