Space Movers Card Pack Mini Expansions

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Remember what it was like open a pack of trading cards from your favorite movie? Space Movers mini card pack expansions touch on that nostalgic feeling, while at the same time adding challenge and variety to Space Movers.


Adventure Expansion 1
This 8-card expansion pack includes a new 5-card objective set that continues the story of the Liberty crew (from the original comic book Finding Liberty). It also includes 3 bonus trading cards with a fun retro sci-fi theme.

Challenge Expansion 1
This 15-card pack includes 10 more difficult UO Pursuit Cards and 4 challenging Event Cards. Mix these cards with the cards included in the base game, or switch them out entirely for more challenge. Pack also includes 1 rules card.

Objective Expansion 1
This 15-card pack includes 14 more difficult Objective Cards to add to the Random Objective Card Deck included in the base game of Space Movers. Pack also includes 1 rules card.

Bounty Hunter Expansion
This 15-card pack adds a Bounty Hunter element to Space Movers with 3 Random Objective Cards & 7 Wanted Poster Cards along with a rules card and 2 escape cards. Pack also features 2 Trading Cards which give backstory on the Bounty Hunter that is after our crew.

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