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Ript is a very open ended game and many unexpected situations may occur that the rules do not specifically cover. As a general way of handling these situation when they happen, majority rules is always the quick and easy solution. As questions come up we will attempt to address them here.

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Rule Clarifications

There are cards which gives the individual holding the cards the latitude to "pick the disc" from his/her opponents bag... Is the mini-disc/marker disc considered to be a NORMAL disc?

You can NOT pick a mini when the card says "disc". That refers to the standard discs normally used to play disc golf. If anyone gives you grief over this just point out that the only card that actually refers to a "mini", the silhouette of the Disc Golfer on the card is actually holding a "mini".

How is the grenade thrown?

A grenade is a regular backhand throw with the disc beginning its flight upside down. So just hold the disc upside down and throw it high into the air like a knife shot. The disc will flip in the air and then fall in the direction of your throwing hand. This allows you to get around objects that may be in your way.

How do you play "Score Swap" if you're only playing 9-holes?

As a general rule if a card cannot be carried out completely it is considered a "dead card". The player with that card in their hand is simply stuck with it until it can be played, or until the end of the round. In the case of Score Swap the last line on the card is: "that player then chooses the disc you will use on the upcoming drive." If there is no hole 10 then the card cannot be carried out completely and cannot be played. If you know you are going to be playing a 9-hole round, and you are not playing Poker Run style, we recommend you remove the Score Swap card from the deck before you begin that round.

Is the "Not Two Meters" card still good, has the rule been changed?

As far as we know the rule was changed, then changed back again. If your disc is more than 2 meters up in a tree, it is still considered OB for 2005. So the card is currently still valid. In upcoming versions of Ript, the card will be changed out with a new one in case the PDGA decides to change the rule permanently.

If "New Hands" is played, can I play cards before I am forced to discard them?

Yes, when a new card is played it interrupts the card played before it. The most recent card played is handled first, then you work your way backwards until you get to the New Hands card.

Lie Swap and CTP?

The "lie swap" card is meant to help players of lesser skill get a few CTP's. If you swap your bad drive with someone under the basket, YOU get the CTP card reward.



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Rules Clarifications