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Congratulations to Brian Schweberger. Winner of the 1st annual Ript Pro-Am Challenge!

Ript with the Pros
On Sunday October 16th 2005 at the USDGC fan day, Brian Schweberger won the Ript Pro-Am tourney. The tournament was just 4 competitors, 3 pros (Brian Schweberger, Kirk Yoo, and Robert Leonard) and 1 amateur selected at random just minutes before the round began. Nathan Lane was the lucky AM selected to take on the pros for a round of Ript. Nathan had a pretty good showing, hanging in there and even winning a couple of CTP cards. Brian Schweberger, who had just finished 5th in the USDGC the day before, walked away with the Ript Pro Am Trophy by shooting a 1 over round of 69. Brian played his Ript cards well separating himself from the pack by playing cards at key times. His win was secured when he forced Robert to attempt a Tomahawk on hole 17. Robert went on to get a 13 on the hole, leaving him in second place with 82. Kirk Yoo finished 3rd shooting an 87, while Nathan finished 4th with a 96. All in all, the round was a lot of fun. Plenty of laughs, trash talk, and interesting shots made for a round very different than those seen Wed-Sat on the Winthrop Gold Course.

Card Swap - Brian plays card swap on Robert stealing one of his good cards. Video

Tomahawk - Brian plays the Tomahawk card on Robert. Throwing a Tomahawk is nearly impossible on hole 17. Video

AM Par - Nathan pars the difficult hole 17 winning 2 cards from the game deck. Video

Lefty Putt - Brian plays Ambidextrous on Robert forcing him to putt with his left hand. Video