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What is Ript?
KnA Games and Innova Disc Golf joined forces in to create the Ript Disc Golf Card Game, and the sequel Ript Revenge, providing an enhancement to the sport of disc golf. Ript and Ript Revenge are played by a group of golfers during a round of Disc Golf. These games creates a truly unique Disc Golfing experience, and provide practice on shots that would not have been taken otherwise.
How is it played?
Both Ript & Ript Revenge consist of 54 original full color playing cards and 1 rules card. When playing a round with Ript, three cards are dealt to each player in the party. Depending on which version you are playing, there are ways throughout the round of Disc golf to get more cards to put in your hand. Throughout a game there are opportunities to play cards you are carrying with you to enhance the play of the game. The cards vary from a free mulligan, to a card that forces one of your opponents to make their next drive with a mini. These cards create a fun and competitive round of Disc Golf and because of the wide variety of cards included, no two games are ever quite the same.
Where can I get it?
Ript and Ript Revenge can be purchased where ever Innova Discs are sold. Click the dealer button on this page to find an online dealer or a store in your area.



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